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Strike firms up Perth basin gas discovery

Shallow discovery provides boost as operator drills deeper towards primary target

Australian junior Strike Energy has firmed up the recent gas discovery made in the shallower target of its West Erregulla-2 well in Western Australia’s onshore Perth basin.

Strike confirmed Monday that further log interpretation of the earlier announced gas discovery in the Wagina sandstone indicated net reservoir of 10.2 metres, with porosities up to 14%.

It added that an additional five metres of gas bearing Wagina sands had been drilled since the last update, bringing the total gas column to 79 metres.

Strike said drilling observations, including gas flared to surface, confirmed a reservoir pressure of more than 6800 pounds per square inch absolute.

It added that the overpressure, along with the inferred reservoir properties, supported the potential for “material flow rates” when a production test is carried out in the future.

Analysis of the logs also indicated that the find was analogous to the Beharra Springs gas fields which lie roughly nine kilometres away.

Strike noted that the Beharra fields had typical gross columns of about 40 metres, while stating that the hydrocarbon bearing section in the Wagina at West Erregulla-2 was interpreted as being substantially thicker due to an expanded stratigraphic section, with the indicated reservoir development equivalent to the Beharra fields in the upper section.

Stike managing director Stuart Nicholls said the company’s confidence in the find had been further enforced by the analogue data from the Beharra fields.

“This includes the Redback South-1 well which is directly to the West and only 244 metres shallower which tested at 38 (million cubic feet per day),” he said.

"This well and others are not only right next door but host a producing, conventional gas field in the same Wagina sands in the same basin. With a conventional gas discovery already secured behind pipe and the primary target yet to be drilled, Strike is looking to deliver on further outcomes from WE-2 as predicted in the Strike geological model.”

West Erregulla-2 lies in EP 469 and is being drilled to a planned total depth of 5200 metres, with the primary target Kingia High Cliff sandstones yet to be intersected.

Prior to drilling, Strike believed the well could hold a best estimate prospective resource of 1.16 trillion cubic feet of gas and 7.2 million barrels of oil.

Strike operates EP 469, which lies adjacent to the giant Waitsia gas discovery, in a 50:50 partnership with Warrego Energy.

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