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Allseas acquires thermal energy company

Offshore contractor aims to use engineering expertise to scale up thermal energy tech

Allseas has acquired Bluerise, a company specialised in the development of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion, a technology to deliver renewable energy.

The offshore contractor, with corporate headquarters in Switzerland and engineering offices in the Netherlands, did not disclose any value of its deal for Bluerise, which is based in Delft, the Netherlands.

"Allseas will use its offshore expertise and record of deep-water technologies to advance Bluerise concepts and accelerate the implementation of OTEC technology for renewable energy projects," the company said in a statement.

Bluerise has been working on the technology for nine years, "designing systems that utilise the natural temperature difference in the ocean between cold deep water (5°C) and warm surface water (25°C) to generate clean electricity."

The technology generates the energy "by harnessing the heat in ocean surface water to evaporate liquids with a low boiling point (such as ammonia)," Allseas explained.

"The vapour drives a turbine that generates electricity. After the vapour transfers its energy, a heat exchanger condenser cools the vapour, turns it back into liquid and a pump conveys it to the heat exchanger evaporator to repeat the cycle."

Allseas said it is "fostering" the use of renewable energy sources and said the company's "vast offshore energy potential and scalability" made for a good match.

"Allseas looks forward to continuing the work performed by Bluerise, founded by Berend Jan Kleute and Remi Blokker, and making OTEC a success."

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