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ONGC salvages cyclone-hit semisub Olinda Star

Brazilian-owned rig saved by "alacrity" of ballast stabilisation operation

A team of international experts mobilised by India's Oil & Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) has saved cyclone-hit semi-submersible rig Olinda Star following an operation to restore the ballasting systems.

The rig was pictured listing at a close-to critical angle after Cyclone Pethai hit the coast of Andhra Pradesh state last week.

Olinda Star hit by cyclone on ONGC patch

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Helicopters were used to evacuate the rig crew before the storm hit because large ocean swells made it difficult to use offshore support vessels, ONGC said.

ONGC reported that a 12-strong salvage team boarded the rig on 21 December, leading to the successful stabilisation of the rig.

“As per the inspection, the rig does not show any structural damage, and equipment appears to be operable. The salvage crew successfully started the ballasting system to level the rig and could bring it to normal in few hours,” ONGC stated

ONGC continued: "Olinda Star is fully certified by all required international statutory and regulatory agencies as well by national safety regulators like OISD. The rig has been drilling for ONGC at East Coast since January 2018 and has been performing as expected.

The Olinda Star is owned by Constellation, a unit of Brazil's financially-troubled Quieroz Galvao group

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