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AAOG makes a catch at Tilapia

London-listed player hits hydrocarbons with latest well on the Congo-Brazzaville field

London-listed Anglo African Oil & Gas (AAOG) has encountered hydrocarbons with its latest well on the Tilapia field, off Congo-Brazzaville.

AAOG said on Monday that the TLP-103C well hit pay within the targeted R1, R2 and R3 horizons.

“The R1 was intersected at 1273.3 metres and formed of claystone and siltstone. The R2 was intersected at 1283 metres and was formed of sandstone and the R3 was intersected at 1303 metres and was formed of claystone, dolomite and siltstone,” AAOG said in a statement.

Berwick soldiering on as boss of AAOG

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The company will now continue drilling towards the next target horizon, the Mengo.

AAOG executive chairman, David Sefton, said: “Encountering hydrocarbons at the first target is a major and long awaited milestone for the company. The confirmation of the geological model and initial results from these targets also provide increased confidence as to the expected results from the next target horizon.”

The TLP-103C replaced the TLP-103 well, which was drilled earlier this year but encountered “a series of challenges… caused by localised geological conditions, which resulted in ground movement that impacted the safe operation of the rig”.

AAOG’s shares were up 14% Monday morning in London.

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